Make More Room In Your Wallet with HŌM Flats

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Posted: September 3, 2020

Make More Room in Your Wallet with HŌM Flats

This year has brought a torrent of unexpected challenges to each of our lives: we find ourselves questioning the way we work, raise our children and socialize. But the COVID-19 pandemic has done more than just forcibly prompt us to accept a new way of life – it has laid bare the financial inequities that corrode the bedrock of our civil society. First responders, grocery store clerks and public transportation personnel have been at work since the pandemic took hold of the country in March 2020. A disproportionate economic burden has fallen upon those families who cannot work remotely and must rely on in-person, shift-based work to earn their income.

Our team is helping HŌM Flats residents find an extra footing in these challenging times by highlighting property amenities designed to promote financial security. This work is a natural extension of our mission to deliver high quality affordable housing and respond to the growing call for housing equity that we hear from residents, civic leaders and investors.

HŌM Flats residents have


HŌM Flats delivers more value than any other apartment property in West Michigan. The average renter will save between $100 - 300 per month living at one of our communities because we intentionally keep our rents lower than comparable properties. We pair that value with best-in-class service from our staff and a user-friendly technology platform that provides added convenience to residents.


Each of our apartments contain washer and dryer within the units. This convenience saves time, an increasingly valuable commodity to residents as they juggle a non-stop schedule of work and personal responsibilities, as well as money that would otherwise be spent at a laundromat or trekking back and forth to a laundry room.


Another amenity that residents have access to is the Fitness Studio and access to workout classes. The average gym membership costs $700 per year and most people do not use it often enough to justify its cost, let alone the time commuting to the gym. Use of the HŌM Flats Fitness Studio is included in the monthly rent payment, providing access to a variety of cardio and strength equipment and a separate studio space for stretching and an exclusive network of HŌM Flats fitness instructors.


Parking is a hidden fee that families do not always factor into the cost of car ownership. A standard parking permit can range from $50 - $200 per month. HŌM Flats offers free parking to our residents along with electric car charging stations.


HŌM Flats Savings Per Month









Total Savings

Over $550 a month!


We have developed a network of local businesses that provide residents with access to exclusive offers and discounts. Our residents benefit by the savings and our PASS Partners gain access to a growing list of HŌM Flats residents who agree that local businesses are a vital engine to our local economy.

We encourage you to visit our HŌM Flats communities and let our staff demonstrate the other ways we are delivering on a mission to develop high quality affordable housing.

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