Home(Work): Finding Balance in a Virtual World

Posted: October 5, 2020

This year has brought changes to different aspects of our lives, making what were once everyday activities virtual. Since March, many companies have switched to remote working for their employees. The bedroom becomes a cubicle, the kitchen becomes the lunchroom, and the lines are blurred from work and home. Finding this balance can be difficult, so we have collected some tips to try and make your residence the best office, classroom, and home it can be. 

Create a Schedule

The first step to finding the balance is to create a schedule. When working from home, it can be tempting to mix house chores with work tasks. Establishing scheduled work hours creates structure to the day and improves both personal and professional productivity.


Create a Designated Workspace

With no office or classroom to foster a productive environment, it is important to create a designated spot to work. The spot can become part of a daily routine to help keep you on track. Keep this location organized and only use it when working. You will create “muscle memory” that prompts productivity when you are in that dedicated work environment.


Give Yourself Breaks

It can be easy to jump from task to task without letting your brain process everything it is taking in. Give yourself a 5-minute break after a meeting to digest its outcome. Breaks can include catching up with a roommate or a family member on how their day is going. 

Getting Fresh Air

Another option for a quick break is a walk around the block. Studies have shown that getting fresh air leads to better decision making, higher test scores, and improved information processing. 


Ask for Support

Working from home can feel isolating due to a lack of human interaction; it may feel as if you are left alone without help. There are ways to avoid this. If a project becomes too overbearing, ask a coworker for help on it. Keeping these lines of communication open allows us to feel engaged within the community that we have been restricted from.


These are just a few tips to be the best virtual employee. Don’t be afraid to venture out and find other ways to be productive! 

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