4 Easy Tips to Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

Posted: November 18, 2020

4 Easy Tips to Make Your Apartment Energy Efficient

To some, living in an energy efficient home starts and stops with single family homes. However, there are plenty of ways to reduce energy use in your apartment home. By using some of the following tips, residents can not only help the environment, but also lower their annual utility bills by as much as 30%! There are two ways for residents to realize these savings – purchase more energy efficient items or adopt  new habits.


#1 Tip: Turn down the thermostat at night

By decreasing the temperature by 7-10 degrees for approximately eight hours of the day, an estimated 10% can be saved on heating and cooling bills. If residents prefer a toasty room at night, they can simply turn down their thermostat during the day while away for work or running errands.


#2 Tip: Wash Clothes on Cold

Approximately 75% of the energy that is used in a wash cycle is used in keeping  the water warm. With HŌM Flats in-unit washers and dryers, it is easy to customize your laundry settings. Cold water does the same job and saves you money in the process!


#3 Tip: Phantom Power – The Quiet Cost

It is something we all use, but are rarely ever conscientious about it; Phantom Power is when devices are kept plugged in even when not in use. Phone and laptop chargers, toaster ovens  and power strips are all examples of devices draining electricity despite not being used. To fix this, unplug them or purchase smart power strips at the local hardware store. These special strips automatically turn off electricity usage when the devices are not in use.


#4 Tip: Utilize Blinds

Blinds can play an important part in an apartment’s temperature control. While the sunshine is beautiful, it can heat up an apartment which cancels out the work of the air conditioning. Similarly, opening up blinds in the winter can also add to the warmth from the heater.

These small changes can make a meaningful impact to the world and your wallet!


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